Emerald Expansion 13 - Hook Swords

Hook Sword
Skill: Medium Melee+1d10
Damage: Muscle
Range: Melee

The hook sword is a bit of an involved affair. Its first two properties are similar to the Three Section Staff in that it provides a passive +1 to Parry and has a persistent Attack Total Success effect, though this time we're looking to knock foes prone with it. Thirdly, it's the only weapon besides the Fly-whisk with the Disarm property. Ogre Gate had no hook sword specific techniques for some time, though they were recently added in Sons of Lady 87—an excellent campaign setting I recommend you check out—for a group called The Seven Demons. Those techniques focused on the Disarm aspect, so I started from the prone side of things.

I've chosen to present the techniques in level order rather than alphabetically so you get a sense for how skill with the weapon progresses. Without further ado:
Cemetery Spike
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Medium Melee against Parry
Type: Normal
Qi: 1

You drive your hook sword into someone, ripping at her flesh. This is more effective at gouging foes who are on the ground.

Roll Medium Melee against Parry. On a Success you do normal damage. If your target is prone, she also takes 1 Extra Wound.

Cathartic: Cathartically, even a standing target takes 1 Extra Wound, and a prone target takes 1 Extra Wound plus another for every two levels of Qi you possess.

Ivory Press
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Medium Melee against Parry
Type: Counter
Qi: 2

Once you have tripped someone, you want him to stay down.

When someone within reach of your hook swords stands up from the prone position, make a Medium Melee roll against his Parry. On a Success you do normal damage.

Cathartic: On a Cathartic use your counterattack triggers the hook sword’s Athletics roll to not fall prone on a 9 or higher (normally this only happens on a 10).

Slip of the Hook
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Medium Melee TN 12 - 1 per Damage Die
Type: Counter
Qi: 6

You feign using your hook sword to catch your opponent’s attack and instead hook him from the side.

When someone rolls melee damage against you, roll Medium Melee against TN 12 - 1 per damage die he rolled. On a Success you take 1 less Wound per Rank of Waijia from the attack. On a Total Success you suffer no Extra Wounds inflicted by the attack, only taking what’s rolled on dice or automatic damage.

Cathartic: On a Cathartic Success your opponent takes all the damage you blocked with this technique.
Masterful Underhook
Skill: Medium Melee against Parry
Type: Normal
Qi: 7

The less prepared your target, the deeper the gashes from your hook sword.

Roll Medium Melee against the Parry of one target. On a Success, deal 10d10 damage, rolling against Parry instead of Hardiness to determine Wounds. You also deal 1 Extra Wound for every 1 higher your Attack Roll is than your target’s Parry.

For example, a roll of 9 against a foe with parry 6 deals 3 Extra Wounds.